Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Put your bathroom remodel in the right hands!

When it comes to residential remodeling, bathroom remodel projects can become very pricey. Depending on what you want installed in your bathrooms, Interior designers and bathroom remodeling contractors alike know the importance of a budget. Bathroom transformations, whether it’s a simple small bathroom redesign or even just installing a bathroom vanity, your home’s bathroom update can become expensive without proper budgeting.

As trusted bathroom remodelers, we know that the bathroom remodel process needs a thorough and well thought-out plan. Otherwise, it can and will break the bank. With the full bathroom remodel cost going up, we want our customers to know that a bathroom contractor will try to up-sell you. They will hit you with shower unit prices & steam free bathroom cabinets to make the final cost of the project to go up. Unlike everyone else, we know our reputation as bathroom remodelers depends on the final result. Your satisfaction with our craftmanship which is why we aim to work with you hand-in-hand the entire way.

How to remodel a bathroom?

Whether you’re trying to figure out how to redesign a bathroom, want to tackle a 1970s bathroom remodel,  or you’re simply looking for how to replace a bathroom vanity; while we’d love to help you redesign your bathroom online, the bath room remodeling process begins with an informative FREE bathroom design consultation. In this in-home one-on-one, we discover all the details we need to know about the scope of the project.

If you’re doing house improvement on your own, there are a few reasons why you should work with a designer on your bathroom renovation. For example, let’s say you’re looking to a new shower/sinks in the room. Please understand: Using existing plumbing will save you some serious dollars. Moving plumbing fixtures can add thousands of dollars to the final bill of your do-it-yourself project. Due to the fact that relocating utilities (even toilets) is no easy bathroom remodel task. Want to install a glass block window panel? Ordering materials can take weeks. You will probably buy fixtures, fittings, shower pans, tiles, and glass blocks from multiple sources. Not to mention you need some experience in sizing the glass block & waterproofing .

Those things don’t intimidate you? How about wall framing? After that, you need to close up the walls. Have you honestly ever installed a cement board? We haven’t begun to talk about tiles and fixtures.

Sure; these tasks one can learn on their own, but it won’t be easy and chances are your inexperience and lack
of relationships with suppliers will make the bathroom project very expensive. Offering bathroom vanity
installation & even steam shower installation services while having a strong network of plumbers; here at
Aloha Restoration, Co. we promise to make this process hassle-free.


What does a bathroom remodel cost? How much does it cost to install a steam shower?

Any qualified contractor remodeling your home should NOT be able to give you a quote over the phone simply because, as mentioned, each job depends on a free in-home assessment. We need to see the room’s layout, current fixtures & plumbing, and your goals for the project as all of these things will have an effect on the final price.

Large area as well as small bathroom redesigns depend greatly on the type of bathroom layout you select. If the new layout is going to require a lot of renovating (Example: You need the bathroom to be handicap accessible), then the total cost will go up exponentially. The redesign also depends on the cost of materials. If you’re looking to install a new sink, tub, countertops, custom cabinets, specialized fixtures, or even have the etc.; then of course the price will go up.

Again, when you factor in all of these variables, it becomes next to impossible to give you an estimated cost online or over the phone without that free in-home assessment.


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