Water Mitigation Services in Arlington Heights

Located in between Lake and Cook County in Illinois, Arlington Heights is home to 75,000 people, making it one of the larger suburbs near Chicago. Being home to 30,000 households and many other multifamily residences, this is a great opportunity for the residents of the area to have a high-quality home care contractor to handle all their fire restoration, mold removal, water mitigation, and more in Arlington Heights.

Aloha Restoration can help get your home back in order, no matter what state it’s in. With spring and summer months consisting of heavy rains and powerful storms, you should expect flooding or extra water that could leak into your home. If left untreated, leaking water can seep into tight spaces and start to be absorbed by other materials, deteriorating them and allowing mold to begin growing and spreading. This vicious cycle creates a potentially dangerous situation in your home. With water mitigation in Arlington Heights, Aloha Restoration can help.

There are some things to pay attention to when your home begins flooding—mainly, consider the water’s color. Clear water tends to be from rain, flood water, or leaking potable water sources and is considered generally safe but still harmful if left untreated. Grey water is often from malfunctioning appliances, like dishwashers or washing machines, and can be potentially harmful. The last type of water is black water, which is typically from sewage. Being hazardous to your health, black and grey water are signs for immediate help, and you should call us right away.


If you require water removal and water mitigation in Arlington Heights, get in touch with Aloha Restoration today. We’re your number one contractor for all your home’s restoration needs, and we can help you get your house in mint condition!

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