Water Mitigation Services in Grayslake

Located in the heart of Lake County, Grayslake houses around 20,000 people, a portion of which consists of residential households. With such a large percentage of residential homes in the area, this offered us a great opportunity to provide the residents with high-quality, professional water mitigation in Grayslake, IL.

The area surrounding Grayslake contains many ponds and lakes; after all, it’s located near Chain O’ Lakes state park, which is a large waterway system of lakes along the Fox River. When the spring and summer seasons begin, you will likely hear of some flooding happening in the area. This time of year tends to bring heavy rains and powerful storms, with excess water traveling down rivers and overflowing their banks—possibly leading water straight into your home. If left untreated, these rainwaters can cause damage to the floors, walls, and other areas within your home. Any wood or drywall, which is porous and can absorb water, is especially susceptible to damage. Water damage can lead to materials breaking down and mold.

You will notice different types of water that can flood into your home, all of which can cause damage. Clear water tends to be from heavy rains or flooding, grey water often comes from broken or malfunctioning appliances, and black water often signals sewage. Although these should all cause concern, if you see grey or black water, get in touch with us immediately—these types of water can harm your health. At the first sign of heavy rains or flooding, Aloha Restoration can provide you with water mitigation in Grayslake, IL.

In addition to water mitigation services, we can help restore your home with many other services, including:

When you need water damage repair, call Aloha Restoration to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Acting quickly may reduce the ultimate scope of the damage and helps you get your home come back to a healthy condition fast.

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