Water Mitigation Services in Hoffman Estates

Hoffman Estates is a village in Cook County, IL, with a small area within Kane County. With a population of around 51,000 spread among about 17,000 households, the village houses many families with children, as well as single homeowners.

Like many cities and towns in northern Illinois, Hoffman Estates can experience heavy rains and severe storms that cause local flooding and damage to homes. Hoffman Estates homeowners can rely on Aloha Restoration to provide water mitigation services, as well as mold removal, fire restoration, and other similar services.

When spring storms, melting winter ice, or ice dams on your roof cause water to enter your home, it can create serious damage. Wood can rot, and drywall or insulation may develop mold. When left to fester, this moisture in your home can create serious health hazards. Spring storms also occasionally overwhelm sewer systems, causing nasty backups. When the water recedes, homeowners are left with a germy mess that they should clean up right away.

Water that leaks within or enters your home from outside may be clear, grey, or black. Clear water probably comes from rain or potable water, but that doesn’t mean it won’t damage your home. Wet floors and walls can warp or rot, and floodwaters are known to possibly carry harmful bacteria and other contaminants picked up as floodwaters move through streets, parking lots, or commercial areas.

Grey water may come from leaking appliances, while black water signals a sewer backup; this type of water requires immediate water mitigation to protect your family’s health. Regardless of the suspected source of water in your Hoffman Estates home, call Aloha Restoration as soon as you notice seepage or flooding. We’ll clean it up and get your home back in habitable condition—best of all, we’ll take the worry of health hazards and damage to your home off your mind.

For more information on water mitigation or water damage repair services, call to schedule an appointment today.

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