Water Mitigation Services in Palatine

Flooding, heavy rains, and broken plumbing can cause lasting damage to your home if not properly and promptly treated. As water has time to sit, it absorbs into materials, breaking them down and inviting mold to begin growing, which causes even further damage. To ensure your home stays clean and free from damage, Aloha Restoration offers water mitigation in Palatine, IL.

Located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago within Cook County, Palatine is home to 70,000 people. Being in close proximity to Chicago, Palatine is in a great area for growing families and housing areas—this town offers an urban feel while still being outside the big city. Because of this, Aloha Restoration found this to be a great area to provide water mitigation services.

Large storms are common throughout the year, and being prepared for any possible damages is important. When you do notice water coming into your home, be aware of the color. Clear water tends to be from rainwater or potable water leaking, grey water tends to be from broken appliances (such as a dishwasher or washing machine), and black water is typically from sewage. If you notice grey or black water collecting in your home, contact us immediately, as this can be harmful to your health, and getting this cleaned up quickly with water mitigation in Palatine, IL, is important.

In addition to water mitigation and remediation services for your home, Aloha Restoration has experts ready to help you with handling other restoration services for you, including:

To learn more about the services we can handle to properly repair your home, get in touch with Aloha Restoration today. Schedule your service, and we can take care of your water mitigation in Palatine, IL, today!

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