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How to clean carpet

Being a local carpet cleaning company, the situations we encounter in the field come in all forms. From standard carpet and upholstery cleaning to deep seeded fleas in carpet, we have grown to do a lot more than simple carpet steam cleaning. Being adept at both how to get red wine out of carpet & how to clean heavily soiled carpet are qualities many carpet cleaning companies lack. While we handle major commercial work like carpet removal & we can set carpet in homes & offices of all sizes, we’ve become proficient in removing stains from carpet and on even how to deodorize carpet. Doesn’t matter if we are office carpet cleaners on one day or providing residential carpet cleaning on the next, Aloha Restoration Co. promises to bring your project; not only to completion, but to your complete satisfaction!

Knowing how to clean carpet means understanding what homeowners and renters truly need when they reach out: Information & transparency. Customers (both new and old) always ask simple questions like “How much carpet do I need for this room? How long does it take for carpet to dry? How often should you clean your carpet? Do you know how to clean a carpet without a shampooer?” It has become apparent that homeowners are more interested in the process behind their house improvements and the professional carpet cleaners who are more inclusive appear to be getting all the jobs.

Beyond being informative & transparent, being the best carpet cleaner in Illinois means working on a tight & efficient cleaning schedule. It means understanding how to clean heavily soiled carpet no matter the type of damage. It means knowing how to soak up water from carpet without issue. In cases of flood damage for example, we need to get the homes bone-dry before we can think about cleaning or adding anything new. That’s why we’ve worked hard to create a water extraction process that works and gets your dry in 48 hours!

How much to carpet a room?

The best professional carpet cleaning companies also know that carpet cleaning is situational. No matter the type of job, the carpet removal & cleaning process begins with the FREE PROPERTY INSPECTION. With our carpet installation prices depending on this initial in-house assessment, we first look for any heavily soiled or high-traffic areas & water damage. The other factors that affect carpet installation are square footage of the space & what grade carpet material you’d like to use!

Professional Carpet Cleaning Tips

How often should you clean your carpet

Being known as a group of carpet cleaners who aren’t afraid to leave you with some carpet cleaning tips at the end of the experience, is something we find important. In the end, we want our customers to know that carpet care isn’t over when we leave your house. If you want to extend your carpet’s life span, carpet care & cleaning needs to be regular. The frequency of your cleaning schedule depends on a few factors. Factors like: How many inhabitants are in your home. Whether you have children or deal with pet stains regularly and the climate you live in.

With regular professional carpet cleanings, you can be an active carpet protector in your home for the long-haul! Did you also know that a regular cleaning schedule also lends to healthier & cleaner indoor air conditions? Pollutants and contaminants that can severely affect allergies often burrow deep into the fibers of your carpet and it usually a floor steamer will combat the issue.

What’s the best way to deep clean carpet?

Our success is based on one thing: We REALLY know how to steam carpet. Not only that, but we use the best carpet cleaning products. Carpet cleaning solutions, carpet deodorizers, carpet shampooers, steam carpet cleaners; whatever you can think of, chances are we use it OR know all the reasons why you shouldn’t.
Our expert carpet cleaners spend a lot of time on your most soiled & high traffic areas making sure to remove those deep seeded pockets of dirt and debris.

How to dry carpet after cleaning

Having trouble figuring out how to dry wet carpet? Surprisingly enough, the solution is simple. Air movement is essential. Get the air moving in the room you plan on hanging the carpet & it will help “dry the air” which in turn speeds up the carpet drying process. Ceiling fans work like a charm, but running a dehumidifier and turning on your HVAC system will help here too!

Do you tip carpet cleaners?

Not ours. We are simply looking to the job to your complete satisfaction. For anyone asking “do you tip carpet cleaners,” you can tip us in referrals should you feel as strongly about our quality of work as we do


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