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How to clean carpet

Being a local provider of professional carpet cleaning services, the situations we encounter in the field come in all forms. From standard carpet and upholstery cleaning to deep-seated fleas in carpet, we have grown to do a lot more than simple carpet steam cleaning. We understand how to get red wine out of carpet as well as how to clean heavily soiled carpet, which is knowledge that many carpet cleaning companies lack. We handle major commercial work such as carpet removal and installation in homes and offices of all sizes, and we’ve become proficient in removing stains and odors from carpet. Doesn’t matter if we are office carpet cleaners on one day or providing residential carpet cleaning on the next—Aloha Restoration Co. promises to bring your project not only to completion but to your complete satisfaction!

Beyond being informative and transparent, being the best provider of professional carpet cleaning services in Illinois means working on a tight and efficient cleaning schedule. It means understanding how to clean heavily soiled carpet no matter the type of damage. It means knowing how to soak up water from the carpet without issue. In cases of flood damage, for example, we need to get the homes bone-dry before we can think about cleaning or adding anything new. That’s why we’ve worked hard to create a water extraction process that works and gets your dry in 48 hours!

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