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If you want to sell your home, but it contains mildew or mold, chances are you have many unanswered questions. You may ponder whether it’s necessary to mention the matter before a purchase is made, how it may affect the value of your home, and even if it is legal to sell such a property.

It’s always crucial to go through the state guidelines on how this issue should be handled before putting up the property for sale. However, one thing is quite clear; most potential buyers will be frightened away at the mention of a mold problem in the property. If you hire professionals from a mold removal company to take care of the problem before selling, it will improve the chances of a purchase.

Can You Sell a House With Mold?

You may be surprised to find that it is legal to sell a house infested with fungi. As much as it may be problematic selling the home, it’s still legal to sell provided you make the buyer aware of past or present fungus issues. Potential buyers would then purchase the property while being fully aware of its mold problems. In this case, the seller is not responsible in case of defects in the property.

However, problems arise if the seller deliberately fails to disclose any underlying issues in the house, such as a mildew or fungus problem. In this case, the buyer could form a lawsuit to sue the seller because of intentional non-disclosure.

How Will Mold Affect Your Home’s Value?

Mold found on the exterior of your home will not bring down the property’s value, but can you sell a house with mold? Yes, but the property value could decrease, and as mentioned, you must disclose the issue to the potential buyer. You could also decide to get rid of the mold by contacting a mold removal company.

As mentioned earlier, mold found on the exterior does not have a health hazard on the house. However, bear in mind it will affect the property’s appearance from outside, thereby reducing its value. However, if the fungus or mildew appears on the property walls or ceiling, this could be a big issue. You want to eliminate this issue via mold remediation services, otherwise, you may be selling the home at a throwaway price.

Bottom Line

Selling your house with mold is possible but with underlying restrictions. You must adhere to the regulations set by the state in regard to selling your home with mold. To have a better chance of selling your home, try searching out mold removal services. If you’re looking for mold removal in Vernon Hills or the Chicagoland area, Aloha Restoration is just the expert in mold removal that you’re looking for.

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