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Mundelein Mold Removal & Flood Damage Restorations

Aloha Restorations offers complete home restoration and remodeling services in the Mundelein area. Our offerings include:

With so much experience in the area, we’ve learned a lot about the people from this village. Boasting nearly 32,000 residents, a 100+ year history, and a well-known Catholic Seminary (St. Mary’s of the Lake), we’ve learned this village’s residents are very particular in who they do business with.

Mundelein, IL, is also very forward-thinking, as evidenced in their Green Practices initiative. The city is currently taking the following actions:

  • Accommodating for green energy options for residents
  • Contracting environmentally-conscious services to businesses
  • Promoting award-winning environmentally friendly local businesses
  • Building a green (LEED Gold Certified) Village Hall
  • Restricting environmentally harmful fertilizers
  • Partnering with SWALCO to promote recycling throughout the village

The village of Mundelein has encouraged us to be environmentally conscious. As such, we adjust how we provide our home remodeling and restoration services.

Do you see mold in your home? Are you dealing with flood damage? Are you looking to do an addition? The team at Aloha Restoration can do it all. We have a diverse range of expertise providing complete home remodeling services to Mundelein. We are proud of our team’s ability to provide safe and effective restorations, as well as deliver creative remodeling results.

Whether it’s mold removal, water remediation, or fire/smoke damage restorations, we have seen it all.

Please contact our team if you have any questions about our services. We look forward to helping with your restoration or remodeling needs!

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