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Fire and smoke go hand-in-hand. If you recently experienced fire damages to your home, chances are you also need to clean residual smoke damage too. Smoke damage can do more than just leave residual stains—it can also be damaging to health and can leave horrible odors. We pride ourselves on our team’s ability to get homes back to pre-fire conditions using comprehensive smoke and soot removal services. If you’re dealing with the residual effects of smoke from a fire, handling the removal must be a top priority after a fire of any size. For the safety of your family and any loved ones in the home, you have to get the smoke out ASAP. The sooner you get in contact with us to handle your soot cleaning services and smoke remediation, the sooner you will get peace of mind!

Soot and smoke restoration projects are extensive processes that can be difficult for the average homeowner to tackle. In fact, many professionals recommend you avoid DIY soot removal attempts altogether and go straight to a professional smoke remediation company. This is because fabrics, surfaces, and more materials throughout your home can easily absorb smoke and soot. Some items, such as furniture pieces, can be more difficult to clean than others. The removal process is also dangerous to the average homeowner without the right safety equipment and cleaning supplies. Therefore, you should turn to the professionals like our team here at Aloha Restoration. Our soot and smoke cleaning services will have your home’s surfaces and furniture looking clean and bright once more. Our professionals have years of experience in fire remediation and have seen the aftermaths of many fires. So trust our team here at Aloha Restoration Co. for all your smoke restoration needs.

If you are in an emergency, why wait?! Call us now for a free property inspection and start taking care of your smoke and soot removal services in Northern Illinois today!

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