Smoke Restoration

A buyer’s guide on how to Clean Smoke & Smoke Abatement

We don’t just repair the smoke damage. We remove the problem!

Fire & smoke go hand-in-hand. If you’ve recently experienced fire damages to your home, chances are you also need to clean smoke too. Smoke damage get do more than just leave residual smoke soot & stains. It can be damaging to health & leaves horrible odors. Getting homes restored back to pre-fire conditions is what we pride ourselves on. If you’re dealing with the residual affects of smoke from a fire, whether it’s smoke on your walls, furniture, or ceilings; handling the removal has to be a top priority after any size fire. For the safety of your family & loved ones in the home, you have to get the smoke out ASAP. The sooner you get in contact with us to handle your smoke remediation, the sooner you will get peace of mind!

How to clean smoke damage

Smoke remediation & cleaning smoke damage can be an annoying process even for the experts. It’s hard work and quite unpleasant to clean. For anyone asking “how do you clean smoke damage,” the key is to understand what smoke damage causes. Smoke from a fire causes black smoke stains to your walls as well as discoloration. It also leaves behind smoke soot (sut) which is a filmy residue as well an unbecoming smell. If you are here trying to get smoke damage clean up tips to do this project on your own, just a forewarning: It may be near to impossible to clean heavy soot & charring (burning of the paint) from flat-painted walls. If you don’t have much experience in how to clean a smoke damaged house, contact us now!

Not only can you NOT get it right, but this process is labor intensive; simply put, you can waste a lot of time trying to clean smoke off walls only to call us after hours of failure. If there’s anything you can do alone to some success, it’d be handling smoke damage to electronics & cleaning smoke damaged furniture. The rest of the heavy lifting you should leave to a professional.

How to clean smoke off walls

How to remove smoke stains from walls

In order to start this process, you need the best smoke cleaner products for smoke damage. You’ll want to mix a lot of water with a little solution. Wearing rubber gloves & goggles you simply wet the sponge & wipe vigorously. If you are unsure what to use to clean smoke off walls & have no idea how to get black smoke stains off walls, then again this is something you should not be doing on your own. Smoke cleaners are very harsh cleaners & it can seriously mess with your skin if not protected. BE CAREFUL!

Average smoke remediation cost

The average smoke remediation cost depends on quite a few factors and us giving you a smoke damage estimate over the phone or online is impossible. Water damage, smoke soot, furniture & textile odor removal, walls, surfaces, and ducts ALL factor into the final cost. Minor smoke damage restoration can cost you under a thousand dollars while major restoration can cost OVER twelve to fifteen thousand dollars. Without a FREE PROPETY INSPECTION, there is no way we can figure out the extent of your smoke damage & we simply cannot quote you on our smoke abatement services.

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