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It happens more often than we all think. An emergency fire hits your home & your family is deals with the residual effects of some serious fire damage. Now, you must place your family’s well-being in the hands of one of the many fire restoration contractors out there. Making the right decision is now more important than ever. Time is of the essence. Your fire damage repair project needs to go as planned and it needs to happen on-time so you and your family may return to normalcy. Whether it’s a commercial fire or residential fire damage cleanup for your home, we will get you back on your feet no matter the extent of the fire damages!

The Fire Process: What to do after a fire in your home

How to clean up after a house fire

If you know how to clean up after a fire, you can save lot of money down the road. With this knowledge, you prevent any further damage from happening to your house. The following fire tips are easy to remember & you don’t need a fire damage restoration company or a professional fire service to do them.

The first step is to secure the site. Before you think about fire & smoke removal and before think about tackling the accumulated soot from the fire, you have to secure your home. The goal is to prevent any further damage by weather, theft, or vandalism. If you are the owner, you must cover openings against rain, high winds, and entry. Make sure your doors & ingress ways are locked and/or secured. Because this can be a hassle, your fire department will help secure your house until responsibility can be handed over to the occupier & your insurance company. That being said, we don’t recommend simply relying on them. When it comes to board-up and roof-tarp service, fire damage remediation is our specialty. We highly recommend having us there side-by-side with you throughout this process.

Next, check for fire smoke damage. Your house’s wiring may have sustained water damage and should be checked out by a licensed electrician BEFORE power is turned back on. Also, check for structure damage. Consequently, your roof may have damage & your floors may need be weakened. Discard any food, drink, or even medicines exposed to heat, smoke, or fire sut. Don’t forget to check those refrigerators & freezers. Luckily, your local emergency fire response team will help disconnect your utilities. Lastly, don’t forget to keep your receipts to get reimbursed by your insurance company.


How to fix a fire damaged house

Fire clean up is the standard service ALL fire restoration companies offer homeowners; however, fire damage repair consists of a lot more. Fire damages can often be so intense that the fire restoration requires much more than cleaning fire soot. After a thorough FREE PROPERTY INSPECTION, we may determine that a roof repair or replacement, window replacements , or structural foundation repairs are all necessary to get your house fully restored. Beyond that, water damage restoration, drying, smoke removal, and cleaning/sanitizing  are all a part of the emergency fire damage remediation & fire restore process.

Whether you need residential or commercial fire damage repair, our fire restoration process starts with a phone call. In these times of need, it is in your best interest to call us for an emergency fire response. After we inspect and test your home in the initial FREE PROPERTY INSPECTION, we determine the extent of the fire damages and develop a plan of action. From there, we get right to board-up, roof repairs, water extraction, removal of smoke & fire soot, cleaning & sanitizing . We get your home back to pre-fire condition!

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