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At Aloha Restoration, Co., our lead home remodeler is fully licensed and specializes in home interior restoration. We provide professional basement finishing, kitchen remodeling, and have an expert team of bathroom remodeling specialists. Whether you want a quote for a living room or a dining room remodel, we have a team of builders and remodelers who can get the job done.

Local counties or cities will require professional remodeling contractors to register and get a license before they can start work. The state-wide license is harder to obtain due to the elongated vetting process involved.

Creative remodeling design starts with a collaborative dialogue with our team. We provide free in-home assessments to start the conversation outright. From there, we can gauge your ideal home interior restoration goals. Due to our thorough process, your interior renovation project will be the living space you’ve always dreamed of.

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Renovation vs. Remodel

Both remodeling and renovating make improvements to an existing build or house. However, a renovation refers to “restoring to a good state of repair.” Custom remodeling means “to change or make additions to the structure or form” of your house or commercial building.

Aloha Restoration  does both!

Whether we need to install floors, build walls, add electrical or plumbing, and add furnishings raises the price. Like kitchen remodels, the bathroom remodel depends on which cabinets, counters, and fixtures you choose. We can go basic or high-end. It’s up to you!

See our home interior restoration options below:


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