Water Mitigation Services

Water Mitigation Services

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Being from the local area ourselves, we understand the long-lasting effects of a storm on a neighborhood and the importance of timely water damage restoration. It is from our own personal experiences with flood damage cleanup (and how long it took to get reliable help in those times of need) that prompted us to start this water restoration company. More so than most other states, Illinois is susceptible to flash flood damage. Because of this, we are extremely tactical in our water restoration process. We get it. When these issues involve your family, children, and friends; water damage restoration becomes an extremely urgent project. Having water damage cleanup companies drag their feet is the last thing you need! Aloha Restoration, Co. offers water mitigation services that will get your home BONE-DRY IN NO TIME!

What is water mitigation?

Is it different from water damage restoration or water damage repair?

Water mitigation is the process of reducing, preventing, or completely removing water damage that happens after a flood, leak, or plumbing failure. The faster we can get to work the better. Understand, the more time you give a water removal contractor to work & take the appropriate actions the more damage they can prevent for the future. The same process as water damage restoration & flood damage repair, water clean up depends on proactive homeowners!

Water Damage Cleanup Tips

This flood damage is bad. Is there any part of the water remediation process I can start now?

As mentioned, we understand the importance of immediately getting started on the water mitigation process in these times of emergencies. Most restoration companies don’t want to give you any water damage restoration tips until they are in the home which is often too late. That is why, we at Aloha Restoration Co., want to make sure you are well equipped with flood damage cleanup knowledge BEFORE you reach out to us. The other water damage cleanup companies aren’t interested in more than the invoice; whereas, again we want to get you BONE DRY IN 48 HOURS! You knowing more about the situation before calling us helps us get you there. The sooner we can get your home back to pre-damage conditions the better!

If you’re able to act quickly, you can minimize the damage and save on those water damage restoration cost. Flood water is a one-stop shop for mold growth. The last thing you want is to have to call us for water extraction AND mold removal.

Find our water damage cleanup tips below:

  • Get the power in your home under control and get furniture out the way! Disconnect any power, unplug & remove your electronic devices, and move your furniture.
  • Do what you can to extract the water. If the flood water you cleanup isn’t exposed to power or any loose wires, you can use towels, buckets, and mops to start the water restoration process. You can dispose of the water down your drains IF the sewers in your neighborhood aren’t also backed up. IF THEY ARE, dispose of the water on your lawn or any other permeable surfaces.
  • Dry out the affected area. Here you can use fans or even dehumidifiers. If it isn’t raining, open the windows to let the air circulate. IF the flood damage cleanup is in your basement and it has professional basement finishing, then you have your work cut out for you unfortunately. Your drywall was probably affect and you will more than likely have to cut away the area touched by water as the paper backing of the drywall is a great food source for mold. We highly recommend you call your local water damage restoration company if this was the case.
  • Prevent mold growth by calling a mold specialist
  • Dispose of water damaged items

What is the average water damage restoration cost?

Water removal pricing isn’t something we can simply quote on line. Water damage repair is based on your spaces square footage, any reconstruction efforts we need to do (replace floors, dry wall, etc.) & if your insurance is willing to help.

The type of water we are dealing with matters too. If it’s clean water (from rain), then there’s no damage to health and this is pretty standard. If the water is grey, then there is probably discharge from major appliances like dishwashers and washing machines involved and this can cause illness due to the chemicals & biological pollutants. Finally, if the water is black, CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY. Black water is an indication of sewage water & flood water from ground sources such as overflowing rivers and streams. This type of water can pose a serious health risk to everyone involved (water removal contractors & the homeowners alike). We not only need to protect ourselves with more gear, but we also need to use more powerful stringent disinfection processes to tackle this problem.

Simply put, water buildup in your home can cause immediate damage, but can really hurt your home down the road. Again, it’s important you work with a water damage restoration company that will ACT FAST and also understands the urgency of your problem. If you have flood damage in your home, don’t hesitate: Call us now!

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